Now car pooling can be cheaper through apps

Actually, till now the concept of car pooling in the country was running with mutual coordination or there were some apps which provided the platform for car pooling. But now the government wants to bring a concrete policy on it. It is reported that its draft guidelines have been prepared. The government wants that car pooling should not be a business of earning, but rather work on the principle of no profit no loss.

In this, apps will be allowed to work, but there will be a ban on profiteering. Apart from regulating the rides, these apps will do KYC for passenger and car owners. Obviously, the government wants more and more people to use the car pool and take advantage of themselves and also reduce pollution in the country.

Benefits of Car Pooling

This saves money, time, traffic and the environment. Social interaction increases in pool cars. Car pooling also increases the age of your car and reduces the number of cars on the road. This will reduce the problem of parking in busy places and will increase the options for daily commute.



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