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Online business: Leveraging the power of a different universe!

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Yes, the internet has become a planet of its own which has democratized the process of doing business and helped immensely in making it a more flat, equal world that offers equal opportunity to everyone. The most important factor that has made online business so popular is that it breaks down geographical boundaries and makes domestic companies find markets in different parts of the world.

Create new revenue channels for your business!

 Yes, this is the new mantra for doing business across two hundred countries of the world. You no longer need to build websites just to showcase your brand but the investments made in building websites now offer exponential results in the future. Online business makes virtual handshake between the buyer and seller and there is trust if escrow accounts are used to transact business.


 These days money transfer can happen between two international entities through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Money bookers and usually the standard currency for the transaction are the US dollar, Pound sterling, and Euro. In fact, US dollar is becoming the standard currency for international transactions as US economy is quite strong and well supported through federal reserves. Trust in the US dollar is high.

Un-assailable advantages of online business

In today’s age where the internet influences the pop culture, online business and social media is the best thing to happen to mankind as the network of interconnected computers helps keep everyone in touch with the people they love and care for.


 Conducting an online business leads to huge savings of time and money for travel agents, importers, exporters, educationists, software developers, content writers, designers who can compete globally through the web.

 Raw materials can be sourced from places that offer the lowest price and sold in markets which offer the highest price.

 Talent can be sourced from any part of the world and move easily from one part of the world to another.

 Expert help can be obtained from anywhere in the world especially in cases of medical emergency.

Retaining and acquiring new customers is easy!

Social media has given a voice to everyone and now everyone can voice his opinions vociferously unlike the past when you need clout with the press to get your point through. Brands can interact with their customers and disseminate information about new product launches and dispel rumors about their brands as soon as they arise. The net result is this that retaining and acquiring new customers is easy and online business has kindled hopes among young people to emerge as entrepreneurs and create large companies in a short span of time.


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