Parenting Tips: Are you spoiling your kid?

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Parents want to give the best of everything to their kids and for this, they make so many efforts. But what they need to realize is that while doing so they are spoiling the child. Here are some of the warning signs:

Parenting Tips

You never use ‘no’

When it comes to kids, this is the first thing that each parent does. You never use the word ‘no’ because you do not want to hurt them. In the process of not breaking your kid’s heart, you tend to spoil him. This can become a habit and make him think that things will always be the way they want them to be. Make sure that whenever your child asks for something, you identify and see whether it is a necessity or not and then take a decision.

You buy them too many gifts

Spending too much money on kids does not mean that you love them more. Whether it’s your child’s birthday or some special occasion, buy them gifts but ensure that you are not overspending. It is better to spend time with them rather than splurging unnecessarily.

You see your child constantly complaining

If you constantly see your child complaining and never happy with the things they already possess, it is a strong sign that you are spoiling your child. At this point of time, you should realize that you have over-pampered your kid and you need to take the next step carefully.

Give your children the best but make sure that you do not spoil them.


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