Patent Battle: Samsung will pay 120 million dollar to Apple

Apple has won the iPhone in a patent dispute between the two largest mobile companies. The Supreme Court of America said in its judgment that Samsung will have to pay $ 120 million to Apple. Explain that in 2011 Apple had accused Samsung of stealing patents. Apple filed a case for $ 2.5 billion in damages.

Apple files a case in the lower court accusing Samsung of stealing iPhone’s features and packaging patents. In this, there was a demand of $ 2.5 billion from Samsung as damages. The court ruled in favor of Apple in 2012 and pronounced a $ 1 billion compensation to Samsung After this Apple again appealed. In 2013, the court dismissed some of the allegations related to Samsung.

However, in December last year, the court overturned the decision to impose $ 399 million fine on Samsung in copying Apple’s iPhone’s design.

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