Popular Smartphone Apps May Be Spying On You

Do you know that your conversation through your phone is secretly being heard? Researchers from Northwestern University studied for one year and discovered the truth of this information. They studied the behavior of more than 17,000 popular Android apps to find out that your phone’s microphone is being accelerated to record user interaction.

From this study, both good and bad reports have emerged. It is a good thing that according to the researchers, they did not find any proof that the apps are being made through the spy phone microphone of your conversation. The bad news is that the app is doing something that your phone’s screen is being recorded.

Smartphone Apps May Be Spying On You

Researchers said, “We saw that many apps leak up the recorded content from the screen and the camera on the Internet.” He further said, ‘The most important thing is that we found that third-party library records the user’s conversation in the app, in which many things are included without the user’s permissions and notifications. In addition, many apps share photos and other media files of the user without notice to the user.

Researchers say that they disclose the confidentiality and confirmation of this privacy leaks with Google’s Android privacy team. And they took action immediately after expressing concern about the ‘privacy’.

Be reminded that in April Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had denied the news in which the social media app came to know about the user’s spying through phone microphones. There were reports that users are being used for classified advertisements by recording the conversation. It was named ‘conspiracy theory’.

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