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These problems are caused by mobile, some have a very bad effect.

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Everybody uses mobile phones today The number of people in the house is also as many phones, and in many homes, there are more phones than people. We use the phone so that we are connected to our specific people. Today’s smartphones have become like a pocket computer that can handle many of your work in minutes.

These are problems with mobile phones, some of which have a very bad effect on one hand, where many of our phones come in handy, this phone also invites many diseases for us. You must have heard from your elders many times that it is not right to be on the phone every time! But what makes the difference. So let us tell you that it makes a lot of difference. If you do not change your habits during the time, then you may have trouble. Today we are telling you in this article how a mobile phone has a bad effect on your health.

Bacterial source

A research has revealed that the smartphone has about 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Just think how often you get the phone you eat, and how many bacteria do! The direct light of the blue light in the eyes can damage the retina. The blue light comes from our mobile phone screen. Apart from this, many people get used to it, that they also use smartphones in the darkness, which have a bad effect on your eyes.

Social effect

Mobile was invented to connect people so that people can easily connect. But in today’s time, the phone has isolated the person. Since the arrival of social media, people are busy getting out and chatting with social media more than meeting each other.


Fear of losing a mobile phone or not being a sign is called nomophobia. Everyone has the experience of losing smartphones, sometimes just for a short time, right. Every user today feels incomplete and frightened without the phone. Radiation of mobile can lead to problems of insomnia, headache, and confusion. Not all users using a smartphone can deny that the smartphone has a bad effect on their sleep. Before the morning and after sleeping in the night, there is a mobile phone that we check first.

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