Raksha Bandhan: A sacred covenant of love and protection

In Sanskrit, Raksha Bandhan means the ‘bond or knot of protection’. For centuries, this Hindu festival has celebrated the love and affection between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters tie a rakhi on their brother’s wrist and offer prayers for their long life and well-being. The rakhi is also a bond, symbolizing the duties and protective responsibilities of brothers towards their sisters.

The preparations for Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan celebrations involve a few simple rituals, the first of which is the elaborate shopping for rakhis that sisters engage in, much before the auspicious day. Selecting a rakhi can be time consuming as there are hundreds of designs and colours to choose from. These vary from simple woven thread rakhis to expensive silk and golden threaded rakhis or elaborate amulets with ornate decorations. There are new innovations in designs, materials and shapes to look out for every year. These add to the expectations and excitement. Brothers also need to be ready with appropriate gifts for each sister.

Earlier, preparations for the Raksha bandan started from around 10-12 days earlier. The markets used to be decorated with Rakhi and the sisters sent rakhi to the brothers staying away. This series is still intact, with the changing times, facilities have become modern. Now the Rakhi is being sent online, not by post, but in time, it is less time consuming and there are so many options for online rakhi and Gifts, from which you can choose your favorite Rakhi, and with the help of more gifts you can get gifts, cards and chocolates.

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan Day

On Raksha Bandhan day, the rakhi is tied on the brother’s wrist and a tilak put on his forehead by the sister. Prayers and aarti are performed for the well being of the brother. Aarti involves rotating a tray with an oil lamp, flowers, sweets and a tilak comprising saffron and rice around the brother’s face. The sister feeds a sweet to the brother, who in turn gives her gifts and the promise of protecting her at all times. In some cases, to everyone’s amusement, the brother pretends to have forgotten the gift, until it is coaxed out by the sister and other supporting family members. He hugs her and also feeds her some sweets. He is required to wear the rakhi the entire day.

There are many stories in Indian history when it is said that the brothers stepped up to protect their sisters during adverse situations. The month of Savan is considered auspicious time between the Hindus and Lord Shiva is worshiped every Monday during this whole time. This year, 15 August is the last day of the month of Savan.

At the Raksha Bandhan Day, Brother Needs to gives Rakhi return gifts for Sister. For selecting the perfect gift for your sister there are a few things that you should keep in mind so that your sister will be very happy and excited to receive your gift. sometimes choosing the gift would be the most difficult task for the brother.

Raksha Bandhan

For tieing you a rakhi or for sending you a rakhi, every brother should give their sister a return gift for it because without that the rakhi celebration will be incomplete. There are so many stuff that you can give your sister like Mobile phones, cosmetics, Watches, bags and purses, personalised gifts, jewellery, perfumes, etc..

Though brothers and sisters share and enjoy the bond of love between them throughout the year but Rakhi is the day when they get an opportunity to express their tender love and feelings towards each other. With minor variations, this Hindu festival is celebrated among many communities across India including the Sikhs and the Jain community.

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