what is the reason behind husband and wife fight

If you are married and you are not doing everything right with your partner as you thought before marriage, there may be many reasons behind this. Here is some reason behind husband and wife fights.

In America, research done involves millions of married couples. There were such pairs in the research that among them there are fights. All these questions were asked during the research and they were also asked about their personal problems.

Research has found that due to changes in genes, people are not happy in their married life. Actually, the oxytocin receptor gene affects a person’s hormone. For this reason, changes in people’s behavior also change. People are mentally stressed by the ups and downs of behavior.

There were some couples in this research that were very happy and the investigation found that the genes named OXTR are not inside them. This makes it clear that genes are a big factor in making your marriage a success.

The behavior of a person’s body plays a big role in their married life. According to the research, there is also a reason for a dispute between husband and wife.

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