A Report that Every Employee Should Read

There has been a report of job seekers in the middle of the Corona crisis, which everyone really wants to see. The report states three main points. Accordingly, there are very few companies that will raise salaries this year. Even if some companies do, it will be very low. However, companies are willing to give special professionals a 15% increase in their salaries. Companies want to hire such staff.

Apart from this, most of the companies will have no pay hike. There are also some companies that have reduced salaries. TeamLease’s Report 2020 on Jobs and Salaries says that this corona has not only affected employment, but has also changed the way Indian industry rewards its employees.

The report said employers in various sectors and cities were offering higher-efficiency employees a pay rise of more than 15 percent. Growth in various regions and cities ranged from 4.26 per cent to 11.22 percent.


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