Sahil Arora earned 18 Crore by playing Online Games

Written by Anuj Prajapati

We will find many crazy online gamers in the country and the world. Those who are mournful and passionate are just games. In this world, millions of people make money by playing online games. But an Indian man has also emerged as making money through online games. Sahil Arora is the youngest Hindustani origin who earns millions of money by playing online games. Sahil Arora becomes the most earning man in the online games.

Sahil Arora

Sahil Arora’s name in the world of online gaming is Universe. It’s spelling they write UNiVeRsE. He is a member of the team named Evil Genius. And Sahil’s age is 27 years. He has already earned Rs. 18 crores. Two years ago, his team won 66 million dollars (42 Crore rupees) in a tournament.

Sahil College in Madison, USA, he is a dropout. He left the studies of the University of Wisconsin and made gaming the full-time passion. According to figures collected by a famous portal Statsista, Sahil has won a total of $ 28.3 million, taking part in 67 gaming tournaments, which is more than Rs 18 crore in Indian currency. He has received an average of 27 lakh rupees per tournament.

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