SBI gives special advice to users to avoid fraud during mobile banking

Due to online banking, banking services are easily available to the users. And now users do not have to go to the bank for any work. Internet banking has made banking much easier. But in the meantime, cases of online fraud are also on the rise. State Bank of India gives special advice to users to avoid fraud during mobile banking.

Here is some special advice that SBI givesĀ users to avoid fraud during mobile banking.

  • SBI has advised users to back up phone data. Valuable data can be tracked and secured in case the phone is lost or stolen. Also, for extra security, protect the phone with a PIN code, passcode or biometric password.
  • In cases like phishing or fraud, the phone’s IMEI number may be required. You should note down your phone number somewhere. You can go to settings to see the number. Or you can know this number by dialing *#06#.
  • One way to avoid fraud is to never save your banking password, username or ATM PIN in your phone. And if you want to save then use the app lock feature. And never transfer data from a hacked smartphone to another smartphone.
  • The security of the phone requires that you never take the phone away from yourself. And delete applications that are not used in the phone. And never connect to an unfamiliar WiFi network.
  • Always keep the phone updated with the latest software. The latest security patches are also provided in the mobile operating system updates along with new features.

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