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SEO Plan For Website: Keyword, Links and Strategy

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Now People Understand the Power of SEO and why it’s useful for building a brand. When It’s coming to development a useful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) many brands don’t know how to do and where to start.

Here we are given you 6 Steps that will explain everything.

Step 1: Right keyword Choose

We can target maximum Low Search Keywords/Long Tail keywords in the beginning and then we can focus on high audience keyword. Use Google Search Keyword tools and find best suitable keyword for your website. Those Choose Keyword will be centerpieces of your content. Visitors can search those keywords and chances are they will directly land on your website. With the top quality services of SEO experts like SERPNinja you can have an elite online presence.

Step 2: Using SEO and Social media

For the Better Result of Google search, your social media and SEO efforts should complement each other. Both have their equal importance.

Step 3: Link Building

We should use interlink for our blog or website. We can provide some good piece of content to other website and they can give us the backlink. You can also write some blog post and share those content on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


Step 4: Video Advantage

In Google Search rank Youtube video also been appear. So, we can also make one small video which explains about the product with right keyword target.

Step 5: Rich Snippets for increase clickability

There are many types of rich Snippets like video, Ratings, Product Review, Images. Through Rich Snippets, you can provide search engine more detail information regarding your content. Rich Snippets can make your content more clickable.

Step 6: Report

Through Google Analytic we can track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report and see how’s our strategy working and according to that we can change and improve that and google webmaster tool helps us to track website error.




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