These are the strange laws of the world

Today, we are going to tell you about the wonderful laws of the world, which will surprise you.

  • There is a place in the world where you can’t legally divorce, that place is the Philippines. Here only minority Muslims can take divorce.
  • Japan, which brings Sumo Wrestler to the world, does not allow people to get fat themselves. In Japan, 42 years later, men’s waist should not be more than 32 inches and women’s waist should not exceed 36 inches.
  • An official guideline has been given to the names of children in Denmark.
  • A law was created in Mexico in 1892 about the Bicycle Safety, under which you can not leave the pedals and handles while cycling.
  • Greece It is forbidden to wear high heels on some ancient monuments. So if you are going to Greece then keep in mind.

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