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Indian superstitions and the facts behind them

People who have grown up in India will surely be aware of the superstition in many ways. Although most of these are useless, we still believe in them. Our ancestors told about things related to daily life, later it became superstition. We follow the eyes of Indian religions and follow them blindly.

Do not cut nails in the dark


You may have heard many times that nails are not cut at night, but the reason was that there was no electricity in the old time, so people used to avoid nail cutting in the darkness of the night.

Bathing funeral


It is very easy to understand. This was necessary because it is necessary to take any kind of infection or bacteria after performing the ritual, so bathing is necessary after somebody’s funeral.

Lemon-pepper on the Gate


It is used to protect from bad eyes, but the scientific reason behind it is that both lemon and pepper have these qualities that it keeps the insects away.

Stay away from the peepal tree at night


The scientific fact behind this is that the trees leave carbon dioxide at night, so they should stay away from them, not the ghosts around them.

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