Team India Star Bowler who did not take a single wicket in IPL 10

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Many Indian veterans have disappointed this season of IPL 10. One such team is India’s bowler who could not take a single wicket in the IPL 10. Now the league matches have ended in IPL 10 and now the names of the four teams of the playoffs have also been decided. Four out of eight teams have been out of the IPL. Many Indian legends have also disappointed their fans in these four teams, but there is also an Indian legend who has not been able to take a single wicket in the IPL 10.

Ishant Sharma, who played for Kings XI Punjab side, could not take a single wicket in this IPL. In this IPL, Ishant Sharma played 6 matches and threw 18 overs. In which he looted 179 runs from the economy of 9.94. But in these 6 matches, he failed to show a single batsman to the pavilion.

The name of the 28-year-old Ishant Sharma was also included in the list of players not sold in the IPL 2017 auction held in February. But just before the start of the IPL, Ishant Sharma had bought Kings XI Punjab of Preity Zinta just one day before the start of IPL. Let me tell you that Ishant Sharma’s base price was kept at 2 crore rupees in the IPL 2017 auction, but no one has bid for him in his name. Looking at Ishant Sharma’s base price, Gautam Gambhir also said that there is a lot of money for just one specialist bowler and no one will give you so much money to bowl only 4 over.

However, Ishant Sharma got the support of Virender Sehwag after this and he had given a reply to Gambhir saying why any batsman is getting Rs 12 crore for playing 10 overs. Perhaps this is the reason why Ishant Sharma was included in his team a day before Punjab started the IPL because Sehwag was the coach of the Punjab team this year.

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