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The Hottest Social Media Trends

Written by Anuj Prajapati
Social Media, a once tiny toddler taking baby steps into the world of the Internet, is now a raging adolescent sprouting new faces and abilities every other week. New and improved social media trends are gripping the world like an on and off fever, leaving people excited beyond words each time a new social media platform or feature crops up. Individuals and companies are constantly updating themselves and their businesses to adapt to new ways to connect with people far and wide through social media. In 2016, the following social media trends have taken the Internet by storm: ( Read: Top 10 Social Media Tips to Build Your Blog )
1. Live Streaming Video:
People today don’t just want faster news and content, but there is a huge demand for real-time streaming of live events. The next big thing in social media marketing is live streaming video. Unedited and unfiltered footage of live events is broadcasted on social media too eager fans who for whatever reason couldn’t make it to the.
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2. GIFs are the new Memes:
Internet Memes were once popular and still are on social media. But GIFs are seeing a more enthusiastic response from social media users in 2016, especially from youngsters. Social Media leaders like Facebook, Google and Twitter are integrating GIFs for users to enjoy and share.
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3. Facebook Dominates All:
Facebook is the social media King today with top platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram under its wing. Also, Facebook Ads are a hot favorite among social media marketers all over the world with businesses and individuals paying for reaching a wider audience outside of their friend lists.
4. Direct Interaction with Brands and Celebrities:
Twitter has increased the need among people to get a direct response from brands and companies for a query or feedback. Companies understand the importance of this direct communication and are replying to suggestions and feedback from the general consumers. People don’t like a brand that shows any empathy to the feelings of the general public. Even celebrities are engaging in direct tweets and replies with their followers.
5. Beautiful Ads and Engaging Content:
Social Media is not just about sending messages and sharing pictures with your friends and family anymore. Features like Snapchat Discover, Twitter Moments and Facebook Instant Articles are providing real, useful and engaging content from all around the world to users in order to ensure that they spend more time on these platforms and not just use them to interact with friends and family.
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