This village has become a suicide point of the birds

You must have heard about several suicide points, where people give their lives. There are many places in the country where people are known as Suicide Point. But today we are going to tell you about a unique suicide point. Where humans do not, but thousands of birds having a suicide.

suicide point of the birds

Jatinga is a village located in the hill valley of Dima Hasao district in south Assam. This village is known as the name of the village’s suicide party. Here, during the rainy season, the number of birds that die here suddenly increases quite a lot. Some people believe that behind it there are bad forces and black magic.

You may be wondering how good birds can kill themselves. But these things do not only surprise you, but also harass them, for years where this process is going on. This beautiful sight is of that mysterious place.

Various types of things were prevalent in this area about the secrets of the suicides of birds. The tribe here believes that it is the work of ghosts and invisible forces.

According to the scientists, due to the rains and the fierce winds, the birds have to face difficulty in flying. Because of this, they collide with each other. After which, he is aggrieved and aggrieved.

We are not saying this fact that its proof is also present. We take you to a place where the birds touching the sky, embracing the mystery of death, embrace death itself, that is, they kill themselves.


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