Top 10 Crazy Things That are Legal in America

Written by Anuj Prajapati

America also declares some of the strangest things as legal. some of the crazy things like drink and drive, you can easily buy weapons crazy but true.

Many of these laws were established during the end of the 1800s and early 1900s when the United States was rapidly changing from an agricultural to an industrial nation.

This Article shows you many such weird things which you never thought could be legal in America.

1. Drink and Drive: You are not breaking any law if you are drinking and driving in Mississippi. But in Florida DUIs can include scooters as well. But in other crities and countries, it is considered as a serious offense and lawyers need to be hired to get away from such offenses.


2. Bear Can be your Pet: Brown Bears are allowed as pets in 9 states and that is absolutely LEGAL


3. You can Buy a Tank: You can buy a tank easily if you have enough money


4. Alcohol: Parents are free to feed their kids with alcohol without being liable in Massachusetts but they should definitely be taught how tiresome it is to be defending against underage DUI charges and taught to drink responsibly.


5. Firing a missile: If you are permitted from the department of commerce, you can legally fire a missile!


6. Texting and Driving: Nobody objects on texting and driving in West Virginia.


7. sexual relations with animals: It is legal in 11 states especially Kentucky to have sexual relations with animals.


8. Punishment to the students: In schools of 19, the teachers are allowed to give corporal punishment to the students.


9. Shooting: If you live in Florida, You can allow shooting an arm in the backyard.


10. Gay: Gay can be fired from his workplace for being a gay


Source: 16 Unbelievable Things That Are Actually Legal In America

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