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Top 10 Google AdSense Alternative for Year 2017

Written by Anuj Prajapati

You can monetize your website with more than just Google AdSense and still turn up a considerable revenue. Given below are some such Google AdSense Alternative and the details of their workings.

Google AdSense Alternative

  1. Adcash

One of the best alternatives to Google AdSense was found in 2007. It has its services in up to 250 countries and counting. It is user-friendly and provides the ability to manage ad campaigns accurately. This works on CPM basis and the revenue is generated in the same manner.

  1. Market Ads

This is useful for both publishers and advertisers. This accepts even adult websites for revenue generation. It has a fast approval process and the payment terms are easy. This is an excellent popunder network with many powerful features for revenue generation. The Advertiser has a minimum payment of $5 and a publisher has a minimum payout of $10. This gives full control over the marketing campaigns.

  1. Qadabra

This has high-performance ads and one can receive automatic payments from a minimum payout as low as $1. That’s the biggest advantage of this application, that the payout is a minimum of $1. It is also simple and easy to put up an ad.

  1. Chitika

This is another alternative that has excellent contextual ads. This works on a CPC basis and is favorable for users in the US, UK, and Canada. Chitika has a minimum payout of $10 and $50 for check payments.

  1. Yahoo Bing Network

Medianet is a part of the Yahoo Bing network and is an amazing replacement for AdSense. Here the minimum payout is $100 for check payments or NEFT.

6. BySellAds

This is one of the best revenue programs for selling ads on websites. The only con for this is that approval for ads is really tough, especially so for sites with lower traffic. But the publishers for BySellAds pay a huge amount for ads that are placed on your website.

  1. Superlinks

This is a new and fast-growing ad network. You can generate a large amount of ad revenue in case you are banned from Google AdSense. The minimum payout is $100 through PayPal and NEFT.

  1. Text Link Ads

This is not a strict rule following website and can help you earn the highest compared to any other ad network from the ones stated in this list. If your site has good site rankings then you can sell text ads using this, raking in thousands of dollars. Minimum payout is $25

  1. Infolinks

This is more popular with bloggers and publishers than with anyone else. Here text in blogs is used to place ads. The text is used as a link causing the users to click the link, and you to get paid for each click. Minimum payout here is $50 through PayPal and $100 for check payments.

  1. Pulse Point

This is an equally good alternative to Google AdSense while allowing users to host high quality and high paying ads to generate a large amount of revenue from the same.

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