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Top 10 Social Media Tips to Build Your Blog

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Social media is the best platform to improve your business. Branding is the most important part in any type of business. Best Social media strategy always helps to grow the business.

Here are some interesting strategies to boost your social media performance.


  1. Write Long Post: Long Post always helps to appear on a google search. People always prefer detail information.
  2. Add Text on Images: In Social site we people share so many photos and those photos create engagement. Text always helps to spread a message across the world because of those text people can easily relate with images. Happiness
  3. Build G+ Community: G+ post helps to appear on a google search. There is so many communities like jokes of the day, funny jokes, quotes, animal, book lovers and much more community those helps to increase your social channel.
  4. How to schedule Tweets: Twitter is the popular social media platform to increase your channel growth. We have to know that how to schedule the tweet and for that we can use TweetDeck.
  5. Create Collage: When we have so many images that time we can make a collage. Collage can help us to create good engagement across the users. For making a collage we can use PicMonkey.sharlock
  6. Create an interesting landing page: Landing page is the 1st impression on the user. We should create simple and interactive landing page so people can easily react on that page.
  7. One Interesting Image: In each and every blog we should have at least one interesting image so people can share and comment on that image.
  8. Use Hashtag: Nowadays people use the hashtag to search on google as well as social media. Hashtag easily spell as well as remember.
  9. Use Short Url: We can use google shorteners or bitly URL because of those URL we can track the page views.
  10. Target Website visit with social ads: For increase the website traffic we should target the audience on social media channel like Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, etc…

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