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Top 20 Worst Childhood Rumors

Written by Anuj Prajapati

When we are kids at that time there are so many Rumors are there just to keep us safe as well as stop us to doing something crazy and stupid.

Here are some crazy Childhood rumors.

Top 20 Worst Childhood Rumors

1. If two people hit their heads accidentally, they should do it again to avoid the emergence of horns on their heads.

2.  If you swallow orange seeds, the plant grows in your stomach.

3. If you don’t take bath on New Year’s eve, you don’t take bath all year.

4. Undertaker came back from dead

5. Babies come from clouds

6. Recipe of making eraser from pencil shavings

7. Australians took drugs in 2003 world cup

8. You need not study hard after 10th std

9. Moving Train can transform rupee coin to magnet

10. The old store room or guest cottage of a house is haunted

11. if someone jumps over your head, stop growing taller

12. You can do everything you want once you grow up

13. Life is better after you finish education

14. A kiss makes you pregnant

15. Standing under a Peepal tree at night will make ghosts come into your body

16. Examiner can guess by your handwriting that you copied/cheated answer or not

17. You will die if u swallow chewing gum

18. If you drink water immediately after having tea, your teeth will become black

19. MRF was a bat manufacturing company

20. Ricky Ponting had a spring in the bat in the 2003 WC final.

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  • Hi,

    It is a funny post, I was smiling while I was going through the lines.
    Well, there’s a small correction needed in point no 11: Perhaps you missed something in the word “ul”. Hope you correct it soon.


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