How to Track the Original Location of Email Sender

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Many of you will use email or Gmail. Many times you have some mail that we do not know. In this way, we think that where this mail has been sent to me. If you have the same person repeatedly coming to know, you can know about his location and about him.

First of all, tell you that you have 3 ways to know the location of the e-mail sender. The first of these is to track IP address, search the second e-mail ID, and with the help of the third Facebook. So let’s first look at the IP address track.

How to

Open the email that you want to know the location of the email and click on the button next to the time on the right side and then click SHOW ORIGINAL. Now a new tab will open and you will know the IP address.

Now copy the IP address and go to Wolfram Alpha and search the IP address. Here you will find the name of the company and the company name if it is a company.

The second e-mail ID is to be searched. So first go to the ‘pipl’ and ‘spokio’ website and search for the e-mail IDs that are being matched in their search bar. Here you will find a number of details along with the location of the Sender.

Now the third and last method is Facebook. If someone is emailing you, then copy their e-mail ID and search for them by going to Facebook’s search bar. If that user created a Facebook ID from the same e-mail ID, then you can easily know everything about that person.


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