Travel Diaries: A walk through the beautiful Brindavan Garden

Mention Mysore and people get started with talks about its glorious history of Tipu Sultan or the famous and tasty sweet, Mysore Pak. However, there is another highlight of the princely state that deserves the same popularity – the Brindavan Garden. This ornamental garden is known all over the world for its symmetrical design and picturesque terrace gardens.

This architectural marvel is constructed on the site of the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam and is based on the famous Shalimar Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir.

Brindavan Garden

Here you can find numerous terraces, parterres, fountains, cascading water streams- truly a wonderful place to witness the amalgamation of design aesthetics and natures bounty.

The construction of the gardens goes back almost a hundred years, to 1927, when The Department of Horticulture started laying out the design work of the garden. Today, in its completed state, the garden covers around 60 acres and is spread out over three terraces that end in a horseshoe shape.

The star attraction of the Brindavan Gardens is the musical fountain. Visitors flock here at evenings to witness the fountains song and dance show. The water streams are coloured with various strobes of light that dance according to the music played. Laser illumination is also incorporated during the show. Other places of interest include a childrens park, a fisheries pond and an exquisite statue of the goddess Cauvery.

How to visit

The gardens are located 24 kilometers from the city of Mysore and can be accessed via road.

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