Troubled by obesity, reduce calories by watching a horror movie

Most people like to watch horror movies alone or with someone at night. Almost everyone must have experienced hiding their face from pillows or sheets when the scary scene came. Some people even scream, yet they are fond of horror films that do not diminish. At the same time, some people get so scared that they stop doing such films.

But when horror movies are related to your weight? And if you lose weight with horror movies? Will you still not take the risk of watching it? Now you will think that the idea of watching a horror movie is not so bad. Yes, reading seems a bit strange, but you can lose weight by watching horror movies.

According to a study by Westminster University, watching a horror movie every day burns calories which helps in weight loss. A 90-minute horror film can reduce about 113 calories. To reduce the same calories, you have to walk for 30 minutes.

According to the study, the more horror movies you watch, the faster your weight will decrease. However, how much truth is there in this study cannot be claimed.

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