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Twitter Prepared to stop offensive posts, send an email before suspending the account

US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was closed for a while on Thursday. After this, Twitter has made some changes in their policies regarding harassment and threats and reissued them. There has also been a change in policies regarding adult content.

A statement issued by the social media site said that before suspending any user’s account from now on, we will send an email to him. They will be told that their account has been suspended because of violating the policy of the company.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said after the controversy over the suspension of Hollywood actor Rose McGowan’s account last month that Twitter is going to make some changes soon in its policies. He said the online consumer modes change. Along with this, new changes are constantly coming up.

Twitter also has to ensure that in view of the ever-changing, it should also see the necessary changes in the rules, which are easily understood by the people and there is no problem in the use. Under the rules, the provision of preventing any objectionable post or any objectionable post related to the identity of women has also been brought under the rules. Even if such a post has been deliberately or accidentally done. Any kind of hostile post or group will be monitored too.

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