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Twitter Is Testings Tweetstorm Feature For Mobile App

Twitter is constantly experimenting. More recently, Twitter has done 280 characters and 50 characters, increasing the limit of 20 characters for the tweet and the 20 character limit in the display name. Now Twitter is in the preparation of the new feature Tweetstorm. This feature will prove to be a gift for those who fall short of 280 characters.

Twitter Is Testings Tweetstorm

How Twitter’s new feature Tweetstorm works?

Twitter has used the Tweetstorm term for the use chain tweet. After it has rolled out, you will be able to tie parts wide to a chain. This new feature is running on iOS and Android Beta users. In other words, now you will be able to make a tweet after one by making a chain continuously.

Be informed that Twitter has recently said that Blue Tick will be withdrawn from the accounts of the Verify users who do not follow its new rules. This link has been removed from Twitter’s accounts.

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