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Twitter will not block such World leaders Accounts

Emphasizing the importance of discussing important political issues, Twitter has said that it will not block their account even after tweeted by global leaders.

Indeed, Twitter has made this announcement a few days after the tweeting that US President Donald Trump uses nuclear weapons. After his tweet, there was a criticism of Twitter about the fact that the social network is letting the threats of violence spread through its platform.

Twitter will not block

The California-based company said in a blog that Twitter is here to serve and promote dialogue among people at the global level. The elected global leaders play an important role in this conversation because they have a profound effect on our society.

It said that by blocking a global leader on Twitter or tweeting his controversial tweets, important information will be curtailed which people should look and discuss. It will not silence the leader but will interrupt the discussion necessarily.

Twitter has not given any reference to trump or their tweets. Trump had said this week that he had an atomic button that is bigger and more powerful than North Korea.

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