Twitter’s big decision, Copy-paste tweet visibility going to down

Microblogging site Twitter has taken a big decision which has increased the trouble of IT Cells working for all the party and institutions. Twitter has decided to hide such a tweet which will be copy-paste i.e. if you are copying and pasting someone’s tweet or if many people are tweeting the same tweet, then the such tweet Will be hidden from the timeline.

Twitter has given its information by tweeting and has also explained it. Twitter has said that the number of copy-paste tweets on its platform has increased drastically in the last few years. Many people are copying and tweeting the same tweet. Twitter has also included copypasta tweets in its new policy. Explain that copypasta is used for duplicate content in the online world.

Twitter has also released a feature in the mobile app, where you can turn off the option of copying your tweet. At the same time, the company has also recently released the Retweet with quote feature. Copypasta tweets are most used for spamming and any campaign. Often you have seen that thousands of accounts are tweeted the same way. This is all for trending and targeting a particular person or organization. It is most commonly used to spread political propaganda.

A disadvantage of copypasta tweet is that even if someone’s original content is no longer his. People copy and tweet with their names. In such a situation, the real content creator gets less and the copy-paste gets more benefit.

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