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With the development of the automobile, its body has been taking different forms according to their functionality. Also, with the passage of time, it has stopped being a luxury to a necessity. The bodies range from hatchbacks to the luxury sedans, to the sports coupes.

Hatchback: This is the most popular body among compact (small and medium cars), also known as three or five doors, as they present a tailgate that lifts up the rear window. They are much like family, with two volumes, but without reaching its dimensions. Generally, they have a capacity for four people, but some can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers.


Sedan: The main characteristic of this body is made up of three volumes: hood, roof and trunk lid. It has excellent comfort and can travel with enough space for five people.


Family: These versions are generally two-volume saloons because the roof extends to the trunk. That way, the luggage space is larger without having the option to fold down the rear seats to increase cargo capacity.

Minivan: These are newly established and very popular, especially for large families with several children. They fit between seven and eight; the seats can be moved or removed to set inside the vehicle. They also have the same driving comfort of a sedan. Its name refers to its geometry since the car is made up of one body. The boot is integrated into the passenger side door is sliding and the motor is located so that it protrudes very slightly forward. In some countries, they are known as minivans.

Coupe: These are a two-door sports car, three-volume and with powerful engines. The trunk volume is not large. The coupe may be convertible hardtop (metal) or soft (canvas). When you have this feature also called Coupe Cabriolet.

Limousine: three volumes conform as saloons, but are much larger. Exceed five meters long and its interior consists of three rows of seats with a high comfort. They are manufactured in small series and are used by presidents, ambassadors and big businessmen.


SUV: They are designed to pass through narrow terrain (sand, earth, and water). Also, they are known as 4X4 because of their priority power and ability to overcome the difficult terrain with comfort. Its name complies with the initial letter of the English words Sports Utility Vehicle. They are newly created and combine the features of an SUV with a comfortable city car or road. In these cases, it is given more importance to successfully use on difficult terrain.


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