Unlimited data in 1 rupee now, Recharge of 30 Rupees for a month

There are many drastic changes in the internet market with mobile. Now on the basis of BSNL and Datawind, a low-cost internet provider in many countries of the world, the users are being prepared to give unlimited data in one rupee per day.

According to sources, this plan can be launched in the last week of February. Datawind Chief Executive Officer Suneet Singh Tuli says that in the third week of February, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be on a journey to India. At the same time, the idea of launch is being considered.

Unlimited data in 1 rupee

Compromise of companies

With the BSNL, the Canadian company Datawind is going to make an agreement wherein unlimited data will be given to the users at Rs. 1 per day. This plan will soon be available to users. With this plan coming up, there will be a big leap in the internet market, which will affect other internet companies.

According to sources, data packs of other companies can also be made cheap by the coming of this plan. DataWind is also discussing this plan with other companies.

Unlimited data in 1 rupee

30 Percent Increase

Suneet Singh Tuli says that even though users are being offered such a cheap plan, but if speed is talked about, then it will not be deducted. The speed of BSNL will remain the same but the browsing speed will increase by 30 percent. Using compression acceleration techniques, data will be compressed by 30 times. This will increase speed and will be downloaded in just one to two seconds.

Unlimited data in 1 rupee

App installs

Both companies are busy preparing to bring it to the market. Users will be able to use it by installing an app made by the DataWind company on their smartphone. This is a patented app created by the company. Users can avail this plan only after downloading this app. This app can be installed by Google PlayStore. There will be no limit such as a GB or two GB in this plan. Users will be able to use it boldly.

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