Used Cars To Get You Back On The Road

There is nothing worse than being stranded with no means of transport, and we never really think about it until it happens to us. How much we rely on it quickly becomes evident, and needing to make a plan to get back on the road is essential. We just need to figure out how and more importantly the costs involved.

The majority of people are not able to simply walk into a car shop and purchase a car then and there, unfortunately, we are not all as lucky as that but this doesn’t mean that there is no hope. We have the best of both worlds, cars in excellent condition at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one, what do we mean, the wonderful world of second-hand cars.

Now if you are thinking that using a car that has previously been owned is something to turn your nose up at you would be wrong on so many levels, and this is mostly due to people not looking into it further and simply focusing on the word ‘used’ or ‘second hand.’ We will look closer into it and help you see the benefits you could be missing out on.

Second hand versus new.

Other than the obvious fact that a brand new car comes with a hefty price tag, you could also be waiting for a few months till it has been ordered and arrives, thus leaving you back at square one irrespective of it being new. Second-hand cars on the other hand offer you benefits on the spot, let’s see some of the top reasons why car owners chose to go with a second-hand vehicle.

  • Price: It is no secret that a pre-owned car costs a fraction of a new one, thus you have less debt if opting to lease, or if you manage to pay it in a one-off lump sum you may well have funds left over to treat the family to a nice staycation and get a feel for the car on the drive there.
  • Fees: The paperwork, administration process, and documentation registrations all take work, and this is compensated with fees. The problem is that it usually all comes at once and at the end of all the decisions essentially pressuring you to pay to receive the car. A used car does what it says on the tin, you see it for what it is, and the price is stated upfront so you know what you getting yourself in for.

If you have been looking at a handful of companies and brands then you want a firm that is open and communicative about their cars, not pressuring you into quickly signing a deal without all the details. You should feel comfortable and relaxed, and if this sounds like the customer service you are looking for then buying used cars at Larry Puckett Chevrolet could be the answer to your prayers.

Certification: You don’t have to worry about if your car is up to traffic codes and regulations, certified pre-owned cars will have been thoroughly checked over by the certifying authority and confirmed to be of high, resalable quality.

Finding the right car at the dealership.

Now that you know you are looking for a pre-loved car you can begin browsing dealerships, but we have all seen the movies with the smooth-talking, slick-haired car salesman pitch that draws people in, and you don’t want to fall for that.

There are, thankfully, a few criteria to keep note of when shopping and others to be aware of which should raise a red flag should you come across them, let’s discuss what some of these points are. While all cars may look the same on the outside, it’s the finer details that you need to keep a lookout for.

How do you know what to look for when buying a used car? Well, you could begin with the basics, check for any rust or rust that has been temporarily been tried to cover up (see here for a very informative article on the topic), damage, dents, or nicks, and sufficient paperwork to hand over the title deeds should you opt for that particular car.

Ideally, it is always best to go car shopping with someone who knows a bit about vehicles, they could help you to look under the hood to see if everything is as it should be, check the tire treads and pressure, and ask the right questions car salesman often try to avoid.

A big factor and one that many people don’t take into consideration as much as they should is the mileage on the clock. Sure it will have done some legwork this is understandable, but you also don’t want to be buying a car that has been driven past its prime and is holding onto its last legs. Be aware of how long a particular model can run effectively and efficiently for before it’s costing more to run than its worth.

Lastly, a quick look at the interiors, electronics, and upholstery to see they are all in good condition would sum up the basics of what to be vigilant of, as you look for more specific vehicle models the criteria will change. If you are still hesitant, as a first-time car buyer albeit a previously loved car, you can click here to learn more about the process and to give yourself some peace of mind that you are making the right decision. It can be daunting first-time around, but equipped with the right information it will soon be a walk in the park as you browse more with time.

To conclude.

At the end of the day getting from A to B is done in the same way irrespective of if you are in a new or used vehicle, the difference with a used car is when you arrive at your destination you won’t be swamped with monthly debts of impossible installments all the while trying to afford the diesel to run it in the first place.

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