Various Things You Should Know About Truck Batteries

There are three kinds of batteries that are available for working trucks. The first type of battery is the full-maintenance, flooded battery.

Full Maintenance, Flooded Battery

These type of truck batteries contains caps that can be removed and allow the users or mechanics to check the level of electrolyte in every cell. Also, these caps allow the mechanics to easily replenish the electrolyte if the overall level of the electrolytes go down. This design still remains popular in the market because it provides the highest capacity per dollar or per pound when compared to the other types of truck batteries. The primary disadvantage of these type of batteries is that they need to be serviced properly, which includes cleaning the posts and tops and prevent the buildup of crud that is heavy enough to let out voltage between the negative and positive posts.

Maintenance Free, Flooded Battery

These kind of truck batteries is very similar to the full maintenance, flooded batteries and contain flooded cells with caps that are vented. The only difference is that the caps cannot be removed. These are designed in a way that they can be used normally without using additional electrolyte or distilled water.

Absorbed Glass Mat Battery – A Maintenance-Free Alternative

These type of truck batteries contains cell plates that are differentiated with the help of fiberglass material that is tightly packed. These separators have the ability to absorb every kind of electrolyte. One important point to notice here is that one cannot find any kind of free liquid inside the cells. One advantage of this type is that the battery won’t show any kind of leakage even if it is punctured. Also, this type does not require any kind of maintenance. Actually, the sealed nature of this battery makes it maintenance free. Only the top of the cap might need minor cleaning.

The cells of absorbed glass mat should be sealed very tightly and a small amount of positive internal pressure needs to be maintained for the battery to function efficiently. The other advantage of this type of battery is that its internal resistance is very low, that allows it to get recharged quickly. The main disadvantage is that it costs a little more and a little heavier when compared to the other flooded type of batteries.

How to Choose the Right Type of Truck Batteries

How will a truck owner determine the right kind of a battery for his truck? There are some important factors that need to be considered. If the owner of the truck is not sure about the requirements, it is better for him to check the original manual or the recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer. One more factor that can be looked into is the availability of a hassle-free warranty clause that includes a free replacement as well. Some of the other factors that need to be looked at include-

The Type of Battery Technology

Different types of trucks require distinct kind of batteries. It is important for the owner to determine if the truck requires the AGM battery or a flooded battery.

The Group Size of The Battery

Group size usually refers to the model of the vehicle, make of the vehicle, model, and the type of engine used. Also, the size of the battery plays an important role in the choice of the battery.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

This is the rating that is used to define a battery’s ability to kickstart an engine in cool temperatures. The rating usually refers to the total number of amps. A battery of 12 volts can provide at 0 o F for close to 30 seconds while sustaining a minimum voltage of 7.2 volts.

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