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Video Viral: Melania Trump Slaps Off Us President Donald Trump Hand

Written by Anuj Prajapati

US President Donald Trump had to feel embarrassed when he was on his first foreign tour. The world media was on the watch with powerful President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump. Trump and Melania Trump were walking along at Ben Gurion Airport and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah were also present.

During this, Trump wanted to hold his wife, Melania, but his wish could not be fulfilled. As soon as Trump extended his hand to hold Melania’s hand, Melania Slaps Off Trump’s hand in front of the camera immediately. This strange moment of US President and his wife was imprisoned in the camera. Just a moment, these videos became viral on social media.

After this video became viral, many questions began to arise whether Melania really shook the hand of the American President, which Melania Trump gave the answer. She tweeted on Twitter and said that yes, I did that.

At the same time, the users gave various responses to this video on the tweet. One user said that except for Melania, Trump was running fast with the Israeli couple, due to this, She shook Trump’s hand.

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