Villagers Cut Open Giant Python and Found Their Missing Friend

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Here is a strange incident like the horror films. A young man of 25 years was lost in a village here. The villagers went in search of a missing man. Their search ended up on a Giant Python. The missing young man found a Python in the stomach 7 meters long. The Giant Python swallowed the young man whole.

A boy working in the forests of Indonesia had suddenly disappeared a few days ago. Nobody knew what was going on. People tried a lot to find him but they could not find. The name of the boy who brought oil from palm trees was Akbar, whose age was only 25 years

Let us tell you that Akbar was removed from the stomach of a 7 meter long Giant Python. A 7-meter long Python was resting in the jungle. The villagers killed him for the sake of their security. The Giant Python stomach was cut with an 18-inch long knife because the stomach was raised above the normal.

When Akbar’s body came out with its stomach, everyone shocked. After all, how the 7-meter Python caught Akbar and no one is aware of this. The accident is quite strange in itself.

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