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Vivo V19 may soon be launched in India with two selfie cameras

Vivo is preparing to bring a new smartphone of its V-series to India. This handset is Vivo V19. But the specification of Vivo V19, which will be launched in India, will be quite different from the same handset launched in the Indonesian market this week. Actually, we are talking about Vivo V19 variant brought by the company’s Malaysian unit. It has been told in gestures that this phone is equipped with two selfie cameras.

According to an IndiaToday report, the Vivo V19 with dual hole-punch selfie camera will be launched in India soon. The teaser released from the official Twitter handle of Vivo Malaysia mentions the name Vivo V19. Apart from this, claims have been made about the performance of the camera in low light and a dual selfie camera is also mentioned. A different teaser of Vivo Malaysia also features dual hole-punch selfie cameras. It will be found on the top right side of the phone.

No information about its hardware and price has been found. It is not clear whether it will be completely different than the recently launched Vivo V19 in Indonesia, or it will be given just one more selfie camera and there is no change in the rest of the specification.

It is worth noting that the Vivo V19 handset launched in Indonesia is actually a rebranded avatar of Vivo V17 introduced in India. In such a situation, launching an additional selfie camera in a rebranded phone itself can prove harmful for the company. Sadly, no official information has been given regarding the launch of Vivo V19 with dual selfie camera in Malaysia or India.

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