Warning to Chrome browser users, Google asked to update immediately

If you use Google Chrome browser, then there is a warning from Google. The tech company has asked all users using Google Chrome to immediately update the browser to the latest version. The reason for this warning given by the company is a flaw associated with Google Chrome. Google has rolled out the latest update to protect users from three different zero-day problems and recommend to update the browser immediately.

The company said that they came to know about the mess in time and the flaw has been fixed on their behalf and the latest update 80.0.3987.122 has been rolled out. In an official blog post, Google wrote, the company has confirmed high-level problems in Chrome 80. By taking advantage of this mess, hackers could trap people and redirect them to fake websites. Even the entire computer system could be targeted through it.

Google says that a problem CVE-2020-6418 was due to a kind of confusion in V8 Java Script. This script is used actively by hackers. A report by Forbes said, “Security flaws were not detected by product vendors or security researchers, but hackers could easily take advantage of them.” This flaw was detected by Andre Bergal of the Google Security Team, who has also been given $ 5000 as a reward.

The Chrome browser automatically shows notifications to users as soon as the latest update arrives, but you can start the update process manually if you want. For this, first open the Google Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac computer. After this, click on the three dots appearing in the top right corner, from which you will see the drop down menu. Help from this menu and go to the About Google Chrome menu there. The update will start as soon as this page is opened. Once updated, Chrome will have to relaunch.

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