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What makes Digital Marketing popular in 2016

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Digital marketing is the finest way of reaching out to one’s brand audience in a cluttered environment where the consumer is constantly changing screens – from mobile to computer-television. It’s a measurable way of marketing where one can track the success of the campaign as a hit, likes, view keeps coming along, making it very much real-time. Also, social media, an important component of digital marketing today, almost guarantees a way to reach a wide audience which would otherwise cost a bomb in a traditional medium say television.

Quite evidently, the growth of e-commerce is a testimony to the strength of digital marketing. In India itself, a number of digital shoppers will cross the 100 million mark by the end of 2016, according to Forrester Consulting and Google search trends. More data is getting analyzed, communication is becoming way too tailor-made, more sophisticated marketing technologies are used to keep the relationship sustained with the consumer.


Let’s look at the major trends in Digital Marketing in 2016

1) With the advent of smartphones and apps, mobile internet has picked up significantly. The Mobile screen is all set to become the most important screen used by consumers. There is a stress to build mobile friendly websites and content.

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2) Content still rules the roost. Clearly good content is what drives traffic, be it on mobile or computers. It doesn’t matter if one is constantly updating one’s site with SEO content, what actually matters is the quality of the content.


3) Moving away from clutter and complexities, white is coming up as a popular color. It is seen to resulting in better traffic and higher conversions.

4) Rising popularity of “native advertising” among advertisers. Native advertising connects advertisement with the type of entertainment that person is looking for.

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5) A New trend emerging that of getting paid for one’s popular posts. It’s a new thing for social media platforms. There is a portal named Tsu that has actually started doing this.


6) According to a social media marketing survey, marketers consider Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as essential components of their marketing media plan. There’s the obvious advantage to cash on the followers of brand pages, apart from traditional options of banner advertising being available on these platforms, not to mention the apps.

7) Subscribers across different social media platforms read the information feed with ads on Buzzfeed. Advertisers find it to be the easiest way to capture a large audience, as big as six billion viewers per month, spanning the entire social media.

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