What Most Buyers are Overlooking These Days

The Dream

Rahul puts on his running shoes and battles the treadmill. After sweating it out in the gym, he decides to dive into the glowing pool, and swim under the starry sky. After about half an hour, he feels the hunger pangs. The menu is elaborate, and his stomach empty. He feasts to his heart’s content and is finally ready to retire for the day, but it is only 3 AM and the night is still young.

The Reality

Living life 24 x 7 is deceptively difficult to fulfil. Life in a metropolitan city is often termed 24 x 7 with activity happening all day long, and through the night. But this activity is especially low at night. Often when one comes home, the city begins to down its shutters. Supermarkets are shut, few restaurants are open, travel options are limited, and for most other requirements, you must wait until the morning.

godrej properties

Godrej 24

But the wait ends, at Godrej 24, with state-of- the-art amenities. And you know what’s really cool? Accessing them 24 x 7. Situated in the IT hub of Pune at Hinjewadi, Godrej 24 offers tailor-made signature homes with 24 amenities that you can access 24 x 7. Knock a few shots at the nets of the cricket pitch, have breakfast well into the night, and work-out in the gym when nobody’s around. In a city that never sleeps, these luxuries are available to you 24 x 7, at Godrej 24.

24 Amenities functional 24 x 7

  • Outdoor Cafeteria
  • Spa with Sauna
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Supermarket
  • Mini Theatre
  • Indoor Games
  • Virtual Golf Simulator
  • Laundromat
  • Restaurant
  • Digital Gaming Zone
  • Rock Climbing
  • ATM/Banking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Lounge
  • Gymnasium
  • Break-down Services
  • Workstations with Internet
  • Library
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinic
  • Day-Night Creche
  • Guest Houses
  • Ambulance
  • Concierge Services

godrej properties

What Most Buyers Forget to Consider

Often, the primary reason for people buying a house is the facilities or amenities that come with it. Even if the apartment itself is marginally satisfactory, the other parameters such as location, accessibility, and the add-ons, can sway or confirm your decision. But what most buyers don’t factor in to their calculations is just how much will they be able to use the facilities at their disposal.

We often overlook the basic amenities and benefits that we deserve, and have paid for, alongside the comfort of home. While most of us end up working late, we rarely get to use these amenities as it would be out of operation hours when we reach home. Whether you want to go for a late-night swim or buy some groceries, time should not be a constraint keeping you from enjoying these benefits. With that ideology, Godrej 24 was born.

Uninterrupted Lifestyle

For a generation like ours, where we have created a new working culture, a culture of smart everything, a smart home is just not enough. We need a home that allows us to enjoy life to the fullest, with no compromises.

Godrej 24 is not just about smart homes, but rather the new-age home ecosystem that comes with it. With a smart automation system, customizable interiors, and a host of amenities such as restaurants, laundromat, mini theatre, workstations with high speed internet, digital gaming zone, library, clinic, creche, and much more at your disposal 24 x 7, you can live life on your terms.

Book your home now and start living life spontaneously 24 x 7, with Godrej 24.


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