WhatsApp Delivery Scam

Your WhatsApp account will be block if you done this

WhatsApp Became much more popular now a days. People Mostly Use WhatsApp For Messaging and Video Calling Purpose. WhatsApp is a great instant messaging app. To protect against spam and other things, WhatsApp keeps on blocking or deleting many accounts. If you also break its rules then your WhatsApp account can also be blocked.

WhatsApp always ban some accounts who didn’t follow the guidelines. According to WhatsApp, it banned 20,70,000 Indian accounts in the month of August. Earlier, it had banned 30,27,000 users between June 16 and July 31. You Should be more careful while you use WhatsApp because your one mistake can get you a warning and second mistake can ban your account.

To avoid the ban on WhatsApp, you have to keep some things in mind. WhatsApp takes strict action against those who break the company’s policy. You Need to careful while you use third party apps like WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Mod, GB WhatsApp and other modified versions of popular chat apps are easily available online. In this third party app you can many features like hiding online status, viewing messages without knowing. Your Account can be banned at any time for using these kind of apps.

Sometime You gets message from unknown number. On receiving promotional messages from unknown numbers, users can block the sender by marking them as spam. If you send promotional messages on WhatsApp through private chat or broadcast, then your account may be blocked.

Let me give you one more information that If your WhatsApp is suspended then it can be restored after some time, but if you make a mistake again, the account can be banned forever. If you think the ban was wrong then you can write to WhatsApp support for account restore. Your account may be reactivated after reviewing the account.

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