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WhatsApp Delivery Scam: This mistake may empty your bank account

WhatsApp Delivery Scam

WhatsApp Delivery Scam is became very popular nowadays. Online scams have increased a lot during the Corona period. Be alert if you use WhatsApp. The message coming on your phone can be a malware, which can make empty your bank account. Cyber thugs are robbing people using this new online method nowadays.

WhatsApp users need to beware of this scam. Through this scam scammers can empty your bank account, especially when verifying people. The Russian security researcher of Kaspersky lab has told about the delivery scam. Researchers said that In This Scam Attackers describe themselves as online delivery executives of some online delivery companies like Flipkart/Amazon and message people on WhatsApp.

After that they notify the person about a package that needs to be delivered to their location. This package is like a lottery of millions and crores, after reading about which people get greedy. The cybercriminals then ask the users to click on the link provided with the message to complete the process. After that they ask to pay very less amount of money.

In this, it is asked to pay for custom duty or shipment cost. After this, the victim is taken to the fake website. Where not only do they lose money, but their bank and card details are also obtained by scammers. After this information they can clear your bank account. So, Beware of this kind of scam and never click on any unverified link. You should never click on a link that does not contain the correct website address or looks suspicious.

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