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Whatsapp Gets Legal Notice for middle finger emoji

A Delhi lawyer sent a legal notice to the mobile messaging app Whatsapp on Tuesday. In this notice, Whatsapp has been asked to remove ‘Middle Finger’ emoji within 15 days. Gurmeet Singh, who is practicing in the Delhi court, said that The middle finger is not only illegal but it is also an indication. This is a crime in India.

In the notice, he said, “Showing the Middle Finger is not only obscene but rather very aggressive. According to Indian Penal Code Section 354 and 509, showing offensive, vulgar, aggressive gestures to women is a crime. It is absolutely illegal for any person to use an obscene, aggressive, obscene gesture.”

Whatsapp Gets Legal Notice

He said, ‘Use of this kind of middle finger emoji in Whatsapp is to promote crime against women too. Emoji is a digital photo that tells you your ideas and emotions.

For this, the lawyer Gurmeet Singh asked WhatsApp to remove this emoji in 15 days. He said that if the app does not do this then further legal action will be taken against it.

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