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Whatsapp For iPhone now lets you watch Youtube videos within chats

Whatsapp YouTube integration feature has finally made it available for the iPhone user. The Facebook-owned messaging app is planning to bring YouTube support to the iOS app’s chat interface for a long time. Now, the iPhone user can use this new feature.

This feature lets users view YouTube videos in a chat. To get the new YouTube PIP (Picture-In-Picture) feature, the user must download the Whatsapp iOS app’s latest version V 2.18.11 from the App Store.


With the new YouTube support, you can tap on the YouTube link to open a YouTube video in the iOS user app. WABetaInfo first saw this feature in WhatsApp. When we tested this feature, we saw that instead of the YouTube app, it now appears in the video app as a small bubble. This feature has buttons for play/pause, close and fullscreen.

Earlier, when users clicked on a link to a YouTube video, the video was only opened in the YouTube app already installed on the smartphone. The user will also have the option to minimize and increase the size of the video bubble. This bubble can be moved anywhere on the screen. However, when we move the video window it shifts up or down the screen.


There is a new feature in the new WhatsApp app for the iPhone, so YouTube keeps playing even when it comes out of video chat. This video keeps going even while switching from one chat to another chat. To play YouTube video on WhatsApp, tap on the URL in chat and you will see the video bubble.

The special thing is that the YouTube bubble shows only when the user gets a video. Therefore, if a user shares a video with a contact, then that video will not appear in the app.


YouTube Video Streaming feature is currently available only for Whatsapp iOS app. Hopefully, this update will be released to the Android user soon.

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