WhatsApp Pay: Soon you’ll be able to make payment via WhatsApp Chat

Have you ever found money transfer a bit hectic task? If yes, this can be a huge relief to your money transfer hitch. WhatsApp is working on its UPI based payment system. Soon this feature will roll out in India, as the app enjoys one of the largest user bases in the country. It will enable users to make payments directly through the app. As per the reports, the Facebook-owned application will go live in India from this December.

WhatsApp Pay, as the new feature is expected to be called, will enable users to make digital payments directly to their contacts through chat. Once the feature is developed, the users can get this feature via an update on their phone.

WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp is reportedly in talks with major financial institutions like ICICI, SBI, and HDFC for this in-app payment feature for digital transactions.

In line with the latest reports, it will be super easy for the users as they don’t have to exit the chat window and send money like they send pictures and videos and other attachments. Users will also be able to see the rupee icon once they click on the attachment option to make the payment.

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