Whatsapp rolls out two new features

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Whatsapp, the Facebook owned messaging app rolled out two new features in their latest build. The popular messenger app has more than a billion users across the world. From the time Facebook has taken over WhatsApp they have been making so many changes in both UI and functionality. In one such change, they have rolled out picture-in- picture for video call and text only status. This build is applicable for both iOS and Android users.



This feature will let you multi-task while you are on a video call. Earlier, when you are making a video call you will not be able to chat with your friends or view pics. But this is possible now with the latest update. You just have to minimize the video call and you are good to browse inside WhatsApp. In Android, this feature works only if you have Oreo 8.0 version on your phone. For iOS, you need to have version iOS10 or above.

Text only status

Earlier you were able to make status updates only with pictures or videos. But now WhatsApp lets you update text status with the solid colored background. Just tap the pencil icon, you will be displayed on an edit screen. All you have to do is type your desired text then select the background color, fonts, etc and save it.

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