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WhatsApp Working On Anti Spam Message Feature

The instant messaging platform WhatsApp is taking the necessary steps to crack the fake news on its platform these days. According to, the company is working on a new notification system to prevent rumors spreading as news, which will act as an alarm for the WhatsApp user.

The company claims that whenever this feature is rollout, then whenever the user wants to share a fake news with friends, then the spam message will appear on their display. Not only this, a message that is moving among too many people, the system will detect it and tell it that it can be a spam message.

Anti Spam Message Feature

However, only those messages will be included which has been shared more than 25 times. If you would like to share such a message with your friends, then you have to take advantage of the Broadcast List.

By doing so you will be able to reach that message to many people. The testing of this feature is being done only for iOS version only. When it will be released for Android consumers, there is no information at the moment.

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