Why People of India Still confuse on Arvind Kejriwal?

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Arvind Kejriwal Comes at Anna hazare Corruption Movement and that time people of india really like kejriwal. After that Kejriwal starts his own election party and took part in delhi election and with a big surprise his party won 29 seats in delhi election.


Some time people compare kejriwal with Anil Kapoor of Bollywood Film nayak. Arvind Kejriwal doing nice at delhi and so many people satisfied with kejriwal government because in kejriwal government so many candidate young and also some nice background so people like them to vote.

Then Why People change their mind on kejriwal because before election kejriwal said that he has an evidence against sheila dexit and after election he said give evidence against sheila dexit i will took some good steps.

Arvind kejriwal starts campaign against Narendra modi and that time people of India really loves modi.

One of the biggest mistake, in 49 days kejriwal government gave resign and took part in lok sabha election.

In Lok Sabha Election AAP Party didn’t perform well and now once again Arvind kejriwal back to delhi election for vote.

Let’s See what’s the result comes out in this election. In social media So many people like kejriwal and many people don’t want kejriwal Government but still can’t say about delhi election.

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