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Why your tweet not appear in hashtag feeds

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Twitter is the most popular as well as a powerful social media platform. You can tweets anything on it according to your choice. There are so many political, social media as well as promotional tweets did on this platform.

In Twitter, hashtag trending is the best choice for the promotional activity. Twitter gives you a space for hashtag trending at city, country as well as worldwide.

Sometimes users have complained that their tweets didn’t appear on hashtag feeds…


Here is the reason behind that issue.

  1. Spam Contain: Twitter always looks at your profile. If you did so many tweets of spam content then that time twitter won’t allow your tweets in hashtag feeds.
  2. Incomplete Bio: Twitter also checks your profile information that what you write n your bio and according to that you will get the priority.
  3. Low Active Account: If your account is not active from very long time then you have to face this issue.
  4. The Ratio of retweet and mention: Sometimes it also depends on your tweet activity that how many retweets and @mention you got in particular tweets.
  5. Original text in tweet: To avoid the duplicate contain

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