Woman Found A Secret Buried under the basement

No one knew this thing would have been buried under the old house for centuries. Even the mistress of this house was not aware of it. Although her childhood was spent in this house. Despite this, She never knew this secret.

This house is in the Pennsylvania State of America, which is said to be the property of Alexandra Paulus. One day She was repairing her old house. Suddenly the basement of her house was falling down.

Inside the basement, they found a thing like a tunnel. On seeing this, She told the workers that dig the ground. Alexandra was surprised to see that her childhood had passed in this house but he could never even know about it. Earlier, She used to stay here with her family members, but She later rented this house.

Woman Found A Secret

After digging the tunnel found near the old house of Alexandra, it was found that there was an underground railroad, which was not known to anyone.
In her childhood, Alexandra had heard many people say that the railroad is under her home. But no evidence was found yet.

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