World’s unique border, every year people come here to play volleyball

Written by Anuj Prajapati

There are some countries around the world, where no army is seen on the border or there is no security arrangement. In spite of this, people are spending their life in such countries with such peace and comfort.

This border is between the US and Mexico, which is considered to be the world’s safest borders. Actually, no dispute has been reached between the two countries till now, due to which there is no security arrangement on this border.

Not only this, there is a great friendship between people of both countries on the border. For this reason, a volleyball match is also organized on this border every year, in which people of both countries participate. People first used to go from one country to another in the border of their country.

However, after the wall of 13 feet wall, the arrival of people has almost completely come to an end. Yet some people still go into other borders by trapping the wall.

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