Worldwide Computer and smartphone risk because of this reason

According to experts, due to bugs called Meltdown and Spectre, hackers can steal the information needed in these systems at any time. It includes all mobile, computer and cloud computing networks.

According to experts, microprocessor needs to completely redesign to fix the Spectre bug. At the same time, the system will slow down up to 30 percent on fixing the meltdown bug.

Computer and smartphone risk

Due to the system slowdown, those people may have to face difficulties, who have been able to work in High-Speed Internet Speed etc.

The problem of meltdown is mainly in cloud computing based systems. Which include companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Although Google and Microsoft said in their statement, they have solved this problem.

To get information through Meltdown, hackers create space for themselves like any ordinary customers in the cloud. After that, due to this bug, he easily obtains important information like login and password.

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